About us

FOREL PROJEKT d.o.o. is private company registered on 2007. in Zagreb

We are an example of young and small company, which thanks to the experience, knowledge and exceptional motivation has a stable and successful business on the highly competitive construction market.

We employ graduated civil engineers, and on some bigger projects we are working with our associates. We are specialized in providing services of professional construction supervision, technical consultancy and project management, which we want to continue developing.

Characteristics of engineers we hire are professionalism, responsibility, accuracy and involvement in the process of lifelong learning, both in the technical field and in the field of project management. Members of our team are certified project managers to IPMA (International Project Management Association) certification process nd are members of the Croatian Association for Project Management (HUUP/CAPM).

The company is project-oriented and each project is delivered to the client with agreed goals (in terms of time, money and quality), and with value-added services which deserve excellent reputation within the profession.

We have reduced formal relationships within the company to a minimum and our intention is to create innovative, creative, motivated, productive and highly professional team to successfully respond to highly stressful project environment.

In order to successfully perform complex tasks, we require the interaction of all employees and using the knowledge and experience of each individual which is realized by permanent contact. Only such an approach results in effective realization of the objectives objectives and constant familiarity with current projects and tasks.

As part of a team with our expert associates we participate in making preliminary design, detailed design and working design.

At professional supervision and project management jobs, which are the primary activity of the company, we perform quality control of works and building material in accordance with project documentation, building permit, technical regulations, standards and rules of the profession. Control of construction is done according to building permit and a working design. Our service includes control of expenditure of funds by purpose, dynamics and height.

We control the entry of data in the daily progress record, validate situations and produce a variety of reports and analysis, and we are sorting documents on-site for technical inspection. We also make a contract proposal for construction works to a contractor chosen by the investor. Furthermore, we produce and propose an operating system and operational work plan. Our task does not end with the final report and the handover of the building to the investor; we are also following the building within the warranty period.

We provide building subdivision plans and buiding energy certificates.