We provide professional supervision during construction of all types of buildings and civil engineering according to Building Act (Official Gazette 153/13) and Act on Architectural and Engineering Activities in Physical Planning and Building (Official Gazette 152/08, 49/11, 25/13).

(1) Supervision of the construction consist of professional supervision according to Building Act (Official Gazette 153/13) and of control of the fulfillment of the contractual obligations of the contractor to the investor and taking adequate measures to implement these commitments.

(2) Content of supervision services beside the legal requirements include verification of:

Technical Consultancy

Technical consulting provides our clients strategic management in construction. Our extensive experience and practical knowledge allows us to provide support in the execution of construction projects on time and within the planned budget.

Technical consulting offers educated and experienced interaction between client, designer and contractor. This allows clients to take advantage of our professionalism, expertise, knowledge and experience in order to make cost-effective decisions in time.

Energy Certification

We provide services of energy certification of buildings. Below are the meanings of certain terms related to the energy certification of buildings according to Ordinance on energy audit of building and energy certification (Official Gazette 48/14).

According to Ordinance on energy audits of construction works and energy certification of buildings as a unit or a separate part of the building for which energy certificate is needed, the following types of buildings are defined:

Building Subdivision Plans

Building subdivision plan or plan of special parts of the building defines the essential information for unambiguous registration of any particular part of the property in the land register.

It consist of a tabular display size and type of space, ownership in specific and the common parts of the building, distribution proposal of specific and common parts, distribution proposal of construction land property, considering the shares, on special estate sections. It contains a graphic part of the study and a proposal for land registration.

In order to make building subdivision plan, the investor should provide us following documentation:

Feasibility studies

Our employees are educated to prepare feasibility studies for different types of projects. Feasibilitiy study is central document in preparation of project documentation for the application to various EU funds.

Preparation of feasibilitiy study implies team work and productive cooperation together with investors, in order to provide as many useful datas as possible to show that project complets all financing conditions. We analyse and elaborate all datas to detail, in accordance to regulate methodology. If needed we are educated to prepare cost-benefit analyses as well.